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Wacken Battle finals

Shut the wack up? We made it to the Finals for the Belgium Wacken Battle! We are very honoured and pleased since the semi-final bands were one by one great ones. Black Swarm, Black Vulture, Hope Erodes, Wulf of Collision and Experienced Rocks. Be sure to check them out if you can.

Finals are being held at Zingem,BE on 17th of May. Winner of this one is going to rip the stage on Wacken 2014. So we can use all your Liotherian blood that night.

Be ready for Lioth!

- Abovementioned flyer is Lioth's own representation of an ideal headlining line-up for Wacken 2014 and does not claim any associations with the real Wacken 2014 bill where there would be probably playing more than just one band. -

Red Bull Bedroom Jam - we have made the finals guys!

First of all, a huge metal up to all fans, friends and family who supported us in the first round of the Red Bull game. The selection to the finals was based on getting as many social buzz (like facebook, twitter and youtube) for your band as possible.

Now we have made the finals. Great!
This means that we will be hitting the stage at Trix, Antwerp on the 11th of may for a jury-based battle with nine other finalists. Great bands so far. Nice to see that local bands have got some good chops op their sleeves. We're excited to play this finals and off course if you fans wanna support us there, please please do.

Let's imprint the Trix stage with Lioths heavy metal mayhem!

If we honour Lioth well at Trix, we could get the spot for Graspop!

Red Bull article - dire op drie met Sons of Lioth
Red Bull live stream video
Our red bull profile:

Interview Lords Of Metal ezine

In August we [ Lords of Metal ezine ] reviewed the surprisingly strong Large Hadron Collider Spider by the Flemish Sons of Lioth. Armed with enough antidote we have undertaken the daring enterprise of approaching these spidermen. And we have been surprised again by the answers that eventually came crawling our way from singer Kristof Van Den Bergh. Benelux bookers wake up: in your venue, or in somebody elses the Large Hadron Collider Spider will rule.

Invite to the real collider

The scientists at CERN institute were impressed by our scientific accuracy in the LHCS song. So much that we received a kind invitation from one of the 'big bang' doctors. (This is actually not a joke).

First reviews on LHCS.

Delivering five tracks of balls to the wall Heavy Metal, today we have Sons of Lioth and their latest EP “Large Hadron Collider Spider”. Filled with attitude and a very retro vibe, this Belgian band rides the wave of bands like Enforcer, and can be categorized New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, which is a deviation of NWOBHM and Sleaze Metal. In this short but sweet release you will be taken back in time with an excellent and dynamic soundtrack. ...

Large Hadron teaser video

To promote our new cd Large Hadron Collider Spider,
Extravaganzo made a sweet teaser:

Watch out she will spit out venom!

New EP finally out for sale!
So here it is, the new album!! Large Hadron Collider Spider. Containing 5 hard-n-heavy metal tracks, forged in the apes on tapes studio in Lommel. The tracks were cemented under the supervision of master-producer Jan Bellemans.

We hope you crazy liotharians will enjoy, make sure to let us know...
You can listen to the opening song here

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Redbull Bedroom jam Finals @ Trix

Location: Trix Antwerp, aanvang 14u.

11 mei

Hertenrock @ Itegem

Location: Itegem - with Soundchaser, Max Pie, Never B4 and Double X. W'll be playing around 16:00

17 mei

Wacken Battle Finals

Location: Zingem - with Signs of Algorithm, Reject the Sickness, Grumpf!, Black Swarm and Trouble Agency

17 mei

Hefferrock @ Voortkapel

Location: Terrein SK Heffers, Voortkapel

24 mei

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