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Judge Hammer - first reviews

The first reviews of JH are coming in and so far the impressions are killer!
Here are some of them:

Judge Hammer

Sweet hamburgers and crispy onions!

It's here! It's truely here!
A new Liotharian impact!
We are finally releasing six fresh examples of exquisite Heavy Metal storytelling!

Judge Hammer delivers shredding guitars, beating battle drums and ripping vocal attacks! Especially for you! So claim it in our merch section!
We're very proud of this one so thanks a lot to everyone involved.
Right now we're planning new gigdates to unleash these new gems upon you all! So keep an eye on that calendar. We'll be updating it very soon.

See you soon, dear friends! Keep it Metal.

PS: Check out that sweet, sweet artwork, guys. The masterhand behind this one belongs to Eric Philippe. Make sure to check out his artwork gallery

New album recordings

This may we have hit the recording boot to put our latest creations on tape. We had some bulking inspiration that needed to get out there. Recordings are almost finished. Its taken a lot more out of us than we expected since we try to capture our live sound as close as possible. Filip de Bot from Penthouse studio has been absolutely great and we are very pleased with the first mixes so far. Even Filip says it's be a metal monstermix with over more than 30 vocal tracks and hunderd guitar tracks). But hey, no pressure there.

For the first time we hired a real pro for our cover art. This is done by Eric Phillipe and is turning out really awesome. He's also the guy behind the artwork for Fireforce. Check out some of his work.

We hope to put out a finished product by the end of summer. Maybe we need to do some growdfunding but we'll see :)
Check out some pics of the recording time.

Interview Lords Of Metal ezine

In August we [ Lords of Metal ezine ] reviewed the surprisingly strong Large Hadron Collider Spider by the Flemish Sons of Lioth. Armed with enough antidote we have undertaken the daring enterprise of approaching these spidermen. And we have been surprised again by the answers that eventually came crawling our way from singer Kristof Van Den Bergh. Benelux bookers wake up: in your venue, or in somebody elses the Large Hadron Collider Spider will rule.

Grandson of Lioth

Prophecy has come true. Nine months ago, It was foretold that a new offspring off Lioth will be brought upon this earth. And indeed on August 2nd 2013 Finn was born.

Invite to the real collider

The scientists at CERN institute were impressed by our scientific accuracy in the LHCS song. So much that we received a kind invitation from one of the 'big bang' doctors. (This is actually not a joke).

First reviews on LHCS.

Delivering five tracks of balls to the wall Heavy Metal, today we have Sons of Lioth and their latest EP “Large Hadron Collider Spider”. Filled with attitude and a very retro vibe, this Belgian band rides the wave of bands like Enforcer, and can be categorized New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, which is a deviation of NWOBHM and Sleaze Metal. In this short but sweet release you will be taken back in time with an excellent and dynamic soundtrack. ...

Large Hadron teaser video

To promote our new cd Large Hadron Collider Spider,
Extravaganzo made a sweet teaser:

Watch out she will spit out venom!

New EP finally out for sale!
So here it is, the new album!! Large Hadron Collider Spider. Containing 5 hard-n-heavy metal tracks, forged in the apes on tapes studio in Lommel. The tracks were cemented under the supervision of master-producer Jan Bellemans.

We hope you crazy liotharians will enjoy, make sure to let us know...
You can listen to the opening song here

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JH Geraardsbergen

Gig at JH De Ressort, Geraardsbergen

13 feb

Edma Vorselaar

Gig at Edma, Vorselaar

23 apr

Weddingfest crashing

Crashing the wedding @ Herenthout

13 aug

Hammer of Thor Fest

Hammer of Thor Fest, Genk

27 aug

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